The VAA partners with numerous government agencies.  Working together, we strive to provide the highest quality product using the most cost-effective procedures, safest practices, and environmentally-friendly methods.  By clicking on “Read More”, links to various governmental agencies are provided such as the Department of Environmental Quality, and Department of Labor and Industry.

Listed below are some agency links which may provide information of interest to the asphalt industry.

1. Virginia Transportation Research Center (VTRC)

  • Home Page – General information about VTRC research and staffing – provides access to asphalt related research reports and publications
  • Materials Section – staffing, asphalt lab, research areas

2. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

  • Home Page – General information about FHWA programs, legislation, policies, and research – provides access to pavement issues including asphalt pavement designs and research.
  • Legislation and Regulations (SAFETEA-LU, TEA-21, directives and policy memorandums, etc.)
  • Pavements – Design, construction, preservation, maintenance management, rehab and asphalt links

3. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

  • DEQ Home Page – Provides information on permitting, enforcement, regulations, and policies for air water and waste programs as they may relate to the asphalt industry.
  • VPDES Stormwater Permitting – Provides information on obtaining stormwater permits and asphalt industry requirements associated with the program.
  • Air Permitting – air permit operating permit forms and information.
  • Petroleum Programs – Provides information on aboveground storage tank requirements including the preparation of oil discharge contingency plans.

4. Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI)/Virginia Occupational Safety & Health (VOSH)

  • DOLI Home Page – Virginia Occupational Safety and Health(VOSH) Rules, Training, Labor & Employment Law, and VOSH Cooperative Programs.

5. Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

  • Home Page – Provides a comprehensive source of information on regulations and agency enforcement guidelines in Virginia.

6. Virginia Municipal League (VML)

  • Home Page – Provides links to city and town websites for information on local government rules and requirements.

7. League of Counties (VACo)

  • Home Page – Provides links to county websites for information on local government rules and requirements.

8. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • EPA Home Page – Provides access to all of EPA’s programs.
  • EPA Oil Programs – SPCC rules & plan guidance with example documents available (see appendix D, E & F links).