Posted by on May 10, 2022

Prerequisite: None

Course Description: Asphalt Plant Technicians (Level I & II) hold necessary credentials in VDOT’s asphalt plant program.  By specification, the Plant Level I technicians must be able to properly obtain and split asphalt samples for further testing in the contractor’s and VDOT’s labs.  Plant Level II technicians representing the contractor must be able to run the required acceptance and quality control tests.  For VDOT, technicians must be able to run the verification and independent assurance test.  This class will educate and train individuals on the fundamentals of sampling, quartering and testing mixes based on the SUPERPAVE and Blanaced Mix Design methodologies.  Successful completion of this class will result in a VECAT certificate.  Additionaly, students will be provided the opportunity to take the VDOT MCS written exam for Asphalt Plant Level I and Asphalt Plant Level II technicians.

Goal: To educate and train technicians in the proper approach to sample, quarter, prepare and test asphalt sample following SUPERPAVE and Balanced Mix Design protocols.

Class Logistics:

  • Three-Week Course starting late February. Course will be held each Monday and Tuesday, starting at 10:00am on Monday and ending at 3:00pm on Tuesday for five weeks.
  • Class size 6 to 15 students
  • Class held at FredCAT.  In-person attendance only
  • Midpoint of class is VDOT Asphalt Plant Level I credentialing exam. Last Day of the class is VDOT Plant Level II credentialing exam. Class testing day will likely run past 3:00pm (Exam and proficiency required for Plant II certification).