Posted by on May 23, 2018

GCC staff can create a company profile to be stored in their Workforce database for easy class purchase.  Company staff (Management, Admin Assistant etc.) or employee can then create a student profile which requires name, date of birth, address, phone number and working email address.  The company then signs on using the company password and username to complete purchase.  Please note that payment by credit card will include a service charge.

Company to enroll the student: 

  1. Contact Germanna Workforce Staff at (540) 891-3012 to have company account created.
  2. A password and username for the company will be issued.
  3. Create a student profile (see below)
  4. After student profile has been created, company signs on using the company password and username.
  5. Search for class then Add to Cart.  The system will then ask for the employee name, enter all or part of the student name or just hit Search for a list of employee names.
  6. Choose Register then proceed to checkout.
  7. Use a valid credit card for payment.

To create a student profile:

  1. Go to
  2. From the drop down Workforce Service menu choose Courses and Registration then choose Login/Create Account to create the student profile.
  3. Fill out the first page (the VCCS SIS ID is not required).
  4. On the second page choose the company name from the drop down menu then continue to the third page and complete the information and submit.

**For additional help on how a company representative can enroll a student for VECAT classes or to create a student profile for the student, please see the Company Registration Tutorial Links below**