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Pres. 1: Alkali & Acid Resistance Glass Fibers
Mike Jenkins, FORTA Corporation
Pres. 2: JBand
Dave Henderson, Asphalt Materials, Inc./Associated Asphalt, Inc.
Pres 3. Aquaphalt 4.0
Michael Wertheim, Aquaphalt
Pres 4. Balanced Mix Design & Pavement Design with VDOT PG 76E-28
Bob Kluttz, Kraton Polymers, LLC
Pres 5. Design & Instrumentation for the I-64 Pavement Recycling Project (Segment II)
Brian Diefenderfer, Ph.D., VTRC
Pres 6. Production Reporting for Tracking Paver Performance in Real Time
Kyle Neisen, Roadtec, Inc.
Pres 7. eConstruction: Digital Field Data Collection (Contact Dakota Clifford)
Dakota Clifford, VDOT-Central Office
Pres 8. Moisture Measurement System
Michael Dixon, Troxler Electronic Laboratories
Pres 9. Nesilex Silica Dust Suppressant
David Elam, Chemtek/Carter Machinery Co.


Pres. 1 Technology Upgrades for Aging Equipment
Brian O’Toole, InstroTek, Inc.
Pres 2. Hot Applied Non-Tracking Tack (Contact Eugene Cifers)
Eugene Cifers, Asphalt Emulsion Industries, LLC
Pres 3. Evotherm with Rubberized Asphalt and Ingevity’s Evoflex RMA
Trey Wurst, P.E., Ingevity
Pres 4. Overview of VDOT Reflective Cracking Mitigation Research
Hari Nair, Ph.D., VTRC
Pres.5 Chemically Engineered Crumb Rubber
Redmond Clark, Ph.D., Asphalt Plus
Pres 6. Asphalt Rejuvenators Used for High RAP Mixes
Jeff Weitzel, Road Science
Pres 7. Advances in Bio-Based Technology in Pavement Preservation (Contact Hassan Tabatabaee)
Hassan A. Tabatabaee, Ph.D., Cargill
Pres 8. ReGen-erating Aged Binder
Grover Allen, Ph.D., P.E., Blacklidge Emulsions
Pres 9. Variability Analysis of the IDEAL CT Test (Contact Ilker Boz)
Ilker Boz, Ph.D., VTRC

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