Perpetual Pavements
Perpetual-Asphalt-Pavement-Structured-FuturePerpetual Pavement Brochure
Item Code: IM004
Perpetual Pavement: Structured for the Future. Just imagine it: Total pavement reconstuction, the remove-and-replace option, is rendered virtually obsolete. The only pavement rehabilitation needed would be surface replacement at about 20-year intervals. 4-pages.
TRP-Circular-503TRB Circular 503-Perpetual Bituminous Pavements
Item Code: IM007
Transportation Research Board Circular No. 503. The concept of perpetual asphalt pavement was explored and discussed in a two-part session on perpetual bituminous pavements at the 2001 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. 116 pages.
Arkansas-Interstate-Rehab-Rubblization_Asphalt_OverlayTR News article “Arkansas Interstate Rehabilitation Program”
Item Code: IM010
From TR News, March-April, 2002, Number 219 . Research, Planning and a Healthy Dose of Innovation. The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) has taken an innovative approach to rehabilitating Interstate highways. 4 pages.
Asphalt_Wins_Intersection_ContestAsphalt Wins! Brochure
Item Code: IM003
Maryland Intersection Contest Result in Clear Winner: Asphalt. In a head-to-head pavement competition that started in 1994, the asphalt section is still going strong, but the concrete one has been completely removed and replaced with asphalt. 4 pages.
SMA-Proves-Its-Durability-AsphaltSMA Proves Its Long-Term Durability
Item Code: IM012
You could say that we’re all either watching, or are involved in, a long-running play called “SMA in the USA.” We’re talking about stone-matrix asphalt, or SMA, and after more than 10 years, its performances are drawing excellent reviews from all evaluators. 4 pages.
Open-Graded_Friction_Courses_Quiet_AsphaltIM013: Open-Graded Friction Courses: Smooth, Quiet, and More Durable Than Ever
Item Code: IM013
Recent years have seen a turnaround in the performance and use of porous asphalt surface courses, better know as open-graded friction courses (OGFCs). New mixture designs reduce splash and spray in wet weather, improve wet-pavement skid resistance, and reduce noise levels. 4 pages.
Asphalt_for_SilageHot-Mix Asphalt for Silage Floors and Feeding Bunkers
Item Code: IM038
The goal of a successful stock or dairy farm is to obtain the most sanitary conditions at the least cost. Paving cattle pens, feed lots, silage platforms, and bunker and stack silos with asphalt has proven to be a good way to achieve this goal because asphalt pavements are economical, durable, and easily constructed. 4 pages.
taxiwayNTaxiway N Five Years Later
Item Code: IM022
When a taxiway at the world’s largest cargo airport needed rehabilitation quickly, then answer was crack and seat technology with asphalt overlay.
SuperpaveAirportsSuperpave for Airports
Item Code: IM013
boeing_thumbAsphalt Keeps Aircraft Flying at Boeing Field
Item Code: IM037