VAA and HeadLight have partnered to develop HeadLight’s Smartforms Technology to digitize certain Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) test log (TL) forms related to density testing and tack coat application rates. These paper TL forms have been converted into Smartforms in a web-based application. Paving superintendents will use the Headlight platform to document project information; density technicians will use the newly created Smartforms to collect, report and store data required by VDOT in the specifications quality assurance program.

Smartforms Benefits:

  • Reduce error with dynamic calculation
  • Clean .pdf that can be sent from the field
  • Each form is saved as a pdf with a generated form# and changeable file name
  • Easy searchability
  • Learn from the data
  • Display results graphically
  • Can be combined with HeadLight Fieldbook
  • Accountability with audit trail
  • Density profile across a network
  • Forms included in the bundle are:
      • TL-56; TL-57; TL-58; TL-59A, B, C; TL-60; TL-60A; TL-143

Smartforms Requirements:

  • HeadLight Fieldbook and Smartforms are iOS apps that work on Apple devices, where the iPad is the preferred type of device – HeadLight leases iPads so let us know if you are interested in that leasing program.
  • Each user needs a license and associated login credentials to sign in to the app.
  • Only one user can be logged into a device at any given time. Users can share a device but not at the same time so you could use one device for both the day and night shifts.
  • Internet access or cellular connectivity is required for Smartforms but is not required for Fieldbook functionality, as data captured in Fieldbook is stored locally and can sync when back in a connected environment.
  • See Ipad FAQ below for more information


The no-cost Trial period is available from March 1, 2024, through May 17, 2024, and gives you time to evaluate the product before licensing.  The Trial allows as many users as you like. Once the trial ends (May 17), your software will be deactivated, and you will need to purchase license(s) for each user by sending an email to with the number of licenses needed. Your license(s) purchased after the trial, will run from March 1 – February 28.

Or, you can skip the Trial period and purchase your license immediately.  Each user requires one Smartforms license.  Each license is good for one year (March 1 – Feb 28).

Each user requires one Smartform license that is good for one year (March 1 – Feb 28).  One VAA Member license is $840. One Non-VAA Member License is $1200.  If you would like to speak with someone about this offer contact:
-Brittany Lee, HeadLight
-David Lee, Vice President, VAA

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