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12:00 PM – IstroTek: a leader in instrumentation technology, will present its latest innovations for 2021, The PaveScan® – Continuous Asphalt Density System, The NonNuke™ Non-nuclear – Asphalt Density Gauge,  and The AutoXtract™ – Automatic Asphalt Binder Extraction System.

The NoNuke is a non-nuclear asphalt density gauge used to measure density and percent compaction of asphalt pavements.  The gauge is lightweight, easy-to-use, and accurate.  This device does not require a nuclear license or hazmat training for transportation. The NoNuke comes with a FREE application for any Andriod tablet or mobile device to capture data and create professional reports.   You can email reports from the field on WIFI enabled devices.

The PaveScan is a rolling density meter that utilizes ground penetrating radar (GPR) to measure the top asphalt layer’s density continuously. Construction crews can now measure the density of the entire project and determine areas for further inspections. Nuclear gauges and asphalt coring only offer a single point density measurement. The PaveScan three sensors can scan the entire pavement project providing a density and percent compaction profile of the entire paving project and not just a single point. PaveScan technology is also non-nuclear and safe to transport and use on any project.

The AutoXtract is an innovative device that automates the processes associated with asphalt extractions. The unit determines asphalt content (A/C) in mixtures and characterization of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) properties.  The AutoXtract is completely automatic. The operator simply loads the sample, and the AutoXtract will extract the binder, dry the aggregate, and collect the asphalt binder. The entire extraction process takes less than 1-hour and is less harmful to the environment, the operator, and uses less solvent than traditional methods.

12:30 pm – Ritchie Bros: will be discussing the innovative ways they have leveraged data and technology to persevere through COVID and beyond. New leadership, recent acquisitions, and many years of building a loyal following and IronClad reputation have created a formula for success through these difficult times.

At the beginning of the year, Ritchie Bros began to roll out a new service offering called Ritchie Bros Asset Solutions. This suite of solutions includes new pricing tools, market trend data, new user interfaces with equipment tracking on all platforms. The purpose of this service is to provide more data and analytics to aid customers in decision making regarding the purchasing and selling of their fleet assets.

Ed Sullivan, our Ritchie Bros, and IronPlanet Territory Manager will also provide a quick rundown on current market conditions and new strategies available to buyers and sellers.




12:00 pm – Cargill Bioindustrial: Description coming soon

12:20 pm – Iron Sheepdog: Description coming soon






12:00 pm – Headlight: Description coming soon



12:20 pm – Associated Asphalt: Description coming soon

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