Below is a summary of the VDOT Upcoming Paving Work for 2014 and 2015 statewide and by district.  The details can be retrieved from the VDOT presentations at:

Greg’s Comments:

VDOT’s new focus will be identifying and planning new transportation projects

VDOT must streamline the VDOT Business Practices to deliver the program

Charlie’s Comments:

The new six-year plan will have $11.5 Billion for highways; a $2.5 B increase; $3B for pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction; $3.2B for NOVA and HR in new funding

By 2019, existing infrastructure will be:

No Interstate Section with a CCI less than 30

82% Acceptable CCI by District for Interstate

82% Acceptable CCI by District for Primary

65% Acceptable CCI by District for Secondary

VDOT will advertise $4B in project value in CY13 and CY14.  To date, just over $1.2B has been advertised

Amounts from Now to End of CY2014:

$1.2B Design Bid Build

$1.1B Design Build

$1.2B Traditional Paving Projects (includes $240M in DBB and DB)

$160M in Preliminary Engineering

Above amounts to not include work as a result of additional funding in NOVA and Hampton Roads

16,500 miles of Pavement Resurfacing in Next 18 Months

700 Miles Interstate

3000 Miles Primary

12800 Miles Secondary

I-64 Widening in HR ($100M)

District Summaries:

Mike Russell (Bristol)

$110M in Traditional Paving from 1/13 – 12/14

I-77 DBB worth $8.7 M

John Lynch (Culpeper)

$46M in Traditional Paving

$101M in DBB projects

Quintin Elliott (Fredericksburg)

$102M in Traditional Paving

Jim Utterback (Hampton Roads)

$56M in Traditional Paving

Chris Winstead (Lynchburg)

$52M in Traditional Paving

Tom Hawthorne (Richmond)

$193M in Traditional Paving

$74M DBB on I-85 and I-295

Helen Cuervo (NOVA)

$167M in Traditional Paving

Rob Cary (Salem)

$93M in Traditional Paving

I-81 DBB $10M

Randy Kiser (Staunton)

$98M in Traditional Paving

$27M Interstate DBB; includes alternate bids for rehab – All AC or Cold Recycle and AC Overlay

Each district showed the locations of these projects and more details, so get the presentations if would want that information.