This page provides links to a wide variety of Virginia Department of Transportation information ranging from bid letting results and special provisions to the VDOT 6 Year Plan.

Bid Letting Results The VDOT bid reading typically starts around 10:15 am and bids are placed online at approximately 11:45 am. depending on the number of bids as well as bidders.

Semi-Monthly Advertisement – All VDOT Project Advertisements are shown here.  VDOT Advertises Projects on a Semi-Monthly basis. 

Bid Tabulations – If you wish to review the VDOT Bid Letting, three lowest bidders per project, item prices you will find them here.

VDOT Paving Manual – A Pocket Guide

6 Year Program The Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP) is a document that outlines planned spending for transportation projects proposed for construction development or study for the next six years.

Virginia Test Method Manual – The electronic version of the Materials Division Virginia Test Method Manual outlines the process for which different materials are tested and approved by VDOT.

Road & Bridge Specifications – The electronic version of the 2008 Road and Bridge Standards is based on the published edition dated December 2008 and contains all revisions issued since the publication of the 2001 Road and Bridge Standards.

Materials Related Revisions to VDOT Road & Bridge Specifications – (areas that have been changed are highlighted)

Roadway Construction Related Revisions to VDOT Road & Bridge Specifications – (areas that have been changed are highlighted) 

Manual of Instructions – This manual covers the procedures for performing various Materials Division tasks such as Sampling and Testing of Asphalt Concrete and Pavement Design.

Changes to Chapter VI of the Manual of Instructions – Pavement Type Selection and Life Cycle Cost Analysis – July 2011

Revised Chapter V of the Manual of Instructions – Sampling and Control of Asphalt Concrete (April 2010)

Materials Memoranda – As changes are made to various materials related specifications, guidelines and policies, the VDOT State Materials Engineer will issue a memorandum.  A copy of the active memorandum is provided.