Each year, during the Mid-Atlantic Asphalt Expo & Conference, VAA and VDOT present the annual asphalt paving awards.  Awards are presented for projects that were paved in the previous year.

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VDOT sponsors two paving awards

  • Best Maintenance
  • Best Construction

VAA sponsors five awards

  • Virginia's Best Commercial
  • Virginia's Best Municipal
  • Virginia's Best Roadway
  • Virginia's Best Airport
  • Virginia's Best Green Projects

VAA Sponsors Overall Winner

Golden Lute Award




The VDOT paving awards are nominated by VDOT District personnel.  One maintenance and one construction project, per district, can be nominated for statewide consideration.  Once the nominations are finalized, a team of VDOT and VAA representatives visit each project. While at the project site, they evaluate the appearance and ride quality of the final riding surface.  From the individual evaluations, the results are tallied and a final decision is made.

In contrast, VAA's "Virginia's Best" categories are selected based on the information provided by the contractor or municipality submitting the nomination and a site visit by VAA representatives.

The Golden Lute is awarded to one of the winners of the previously judged categories.  Each winner is evaluated by representatives that have not previously judged the submissions.

The prestige associated with winning either the VDOT or VAA awards pays big dividends from a marketing standpoint.  Winners are featured on VAA's website home page, in VAA's membership directory, and in the association newsletter and magazine.  Some VDOT Districts send out local press releases about the winning projects as well.  So don't hesitate! If you have a great project, nominate!  To complete the nomination information for Virginia's Best categories, just click on the submission link to the right.


VDOT was awarded the 2020 Perpetual Pavement: By Performance Award for Interstate 81 SB (MP 133.63 to MP 136.14) in Roanoke County.  Click here to view the APA website.

VDOT was awarded the 2021 Perpetual Pavement: By Conversion Award for the Rt 460 Appomattox Bypass rubblization project. Click here to view the APA website.

VDOT was awarded the 2022 Perpetual Pavement: By Design Award for I-64 Widening & Reconstruction Segment II in Newport News, James City County & York County.  Click here for press release.

VDOT was awarded the 2022 Perpetual Pavement: By Performance for I-81 Northbound (MP 109.8 TO MP 111.8) in Montgomery County. Click here for press release.