Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology is a partnership between Germanna Community College, Virginia Department of Transportation and Virginia Asphalt Association.

VECAT was created with the primary goals of improving the overall quality of design, delivery, and testing for all asphalt-related material certification schools, and through an increased focus on the materials provided to students, driving an improvement in the quality, understanding, and delivery of pavement management strategies and technologies.

It is focused on three main areas of education:

THE MATERIALS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, formerly managed by VDOT, focusing on training and certification for Asphalt Field – Levels 1 and 2, Asphalt Plant – Levels 1 and 2, Slurry Surfacing, Surface Treatment and Mix Design as required per VDOT specifications.  

THE APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM is an accredited program by the Virginia Department of Labor, with VECAT holding responsibility for the specific asphalt courses and curriculum needed to support the program. The program is available to employees of asphalt or other industry-supporting companies, as well as students in the community college system.

The ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE PROGRAM, currently under development, will be an accredited degree through the community college system. The Asphalt Technologist Associate’s Degree will be an outcome of the apprenticeship program.


If you’ve never considered a career in asphalt, now might be the time to give it a closer look!  There are some great benefits to working in asphalt, and many exciting opportunities for hard-working, career driven individuals to take advantage of.  Take a look at three reasons why the asphalt industry may be the perfect fit for you and your skill set:

1. Leave A Lasting Legacy

As members of the asphalt pavement industry, you have the opportunity to become a leader in the construction and maintenance of Virginia’s transportation infrastructure – with focus on the state’s road and highway transportation routes and residential roadways to name a few.

The asphalt pavement industry is unique because it offers:

  • Long-lasting, well-paid local jobs with plenty of opportunity for upward mobility
  • Improved community infrastructure
  • Higher standard of living for residents
  • Enhanced economic development
  • Environmentally sustainable products

2. You’ll Find a Variety of Equal Opportunity Careers 

Careers in the asphalt industry are not limited to construction activities. In fact, our workforce includes a variety of job opportunities, ranging from construction to engineering, sales to service, and everything in between.
Some of the positions you can find at a paving company include:

  • Quality Control Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Crew Foreman
  • Plant Operators
  • Crew Technicians
  • Laboratory Personnel

3. You Will Build & Maintain Virginia’s Infrastructure

From highways to driveways, the asphalt industry helps families, businesses, and municipalities build and improve upon their asphalt pavement infrastructure. The asphalt industry is an essential component of business, leisure, and everyday life.

Did you know?

 *5 million truck drivers depend on highways to perform their jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

*3 million commuters use the highways and roads to get to work daily (Federal Highway Administration, June 2003.)

By choosing a career in the asphalt industry, you’ll be contributing to the infrastructure and framework that so many people depend upon each day. You can take pride in being a part of the groundwork of your community, quite literally.