VDOT Guidance for Asphalt MCS Certifications as of 11.11.20

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions, VDOT has updated the Materials Certification School’s guidelines to be as follows:

  • If you have never held a certification, you will be allowed to work under the direct supervision of a certified individual until 3/31/2021. The uncertified individual is “required” to complete the pertinent self-study or online course for a knowledge base prior to starting work.
  • For those who held certifications as of 12/31/2019, whose certification expires in 2020, certifications are extended until 3/31/2021.
  • Those who hold certifications that will expire on 12/31/2020 will have their certifications extended until 3/31/2021.

To maintain a certification beyond 3/31/2021 individuals will need to complete all requirements for certification before then.  VDOT strongly encourages participation in all available online courses, to avoid further delays. 

  • Currently, all certification courses are available as either self-study or online options at the respective community colleges.
  • Written and proficiency exams are available as in-person or remotely proctored exams at both the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA), Germanna Community College, Reynolds Community College (Parham Road campus), John Tyler Community College (Chester and Midlothian campus), Danville Community College, Germanna Community College, Tidewater Community College, and Southside Virginia Community College.

These guidelines will remain in effect until March 31, 2021, or until new guidance is issued.

Guidance will be updated as conditions shift. For more information, go to the Materials Certification School’s web page on the VDOT website:

How Do I Take Asphalt Material Certification Classes & Tests?

All VECAT asphalt classes are currently available online. To sign up for one of the ten classes, visit the Germanna Community College website, or go to the VECATon this link.

While all classes are open for registration in an online format, testing for some of the classes is slowly returning. Since mid-Summer, the Asphalt Field Level I, Asphalt Plant Level I, Slurry Surfacing, Surface Treatment, Cold Asphalt Recycling – Plant, Cold Asphalt Recycling – Field, and Full-Depth Reclamation exams can be taken remotely. To learn how to take a remote exam, contact David Laraway at GCC.

Asphalt Field Level II, Asphalt Plant Level II, and Asphalt Mix Design are being offered at GCC’s FredCAT facility and in Danville and Abingdon (by appointment only). These exams must be taken in-person due to the nature of the materials. Again, contact David for assistance in scheduling an in-person exam.

Finally, virtual proficiency exams for Asphalt Plant Level I and Asphalt Plant Level II are underway.  If you need to schedule one of these proficiencies, contact Judith Calvert at GCC.  VECAT is also in the process of finalizing a virtual Asphalt Mix Design proficiency exam. Once the Asphalt Mix Design proficiency exam is completed, individuals will be contacted.

Asphalt Mix Design Certification Now Available online

IMPORTANT:  The Mix Design certification requires the completion of the class modules, final exam, and proficiency testing.  All three components must be completed in full before the end of the year to receive certification.  It is highly recommended that any student wishing to become certified complete their online class and exam no later than

November 1 to allow ample time for the scheduling and completion of proficiency testing.  Proficiency testing usually becomes challenging to schedule as the year ends because many students have not completed this component and are trying to squeeze in before the deadline.  There is a small handful of instructors overseeing this testing and limited lab space available.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact Germanna to schedule his or her proficiency testing and complete it before December 15 when Germanna closes for the holiday.  Failure to complete this step will not be Germanna’s responsibility.  Should this scenario happen to a student, he or she will have to wait until the following year to start the process over.  If you have questions about the class or proficiency testing contact Judith Calvert or David Laraway.

Proficiency Testing

If you have taken Plant I, II, or Mix Design in 2020, please remember that you also have proficiency testing to complete to become fully certified.  This may be done at any time up until NOVEMBER 30th.  Please contact Judith Calvert at Germanna CC at (540) 937-6757 to schedule your testing session. Testing for Plant I will be done virtually, while Testing for Plant II and Mix Design will be held at the FredCAT and VTTI facilities.  The cost for testing is as follows:

Plant I: $175.00
Plant II: $350.00
Mix Design: $650.00

Please remember that registering for proficiency testing is the student’s responsibility. No exceptions will be made.

To register for your proficiency test, you will need to log on to Germanna’s website and select the proficiency testing that you are required to complete (this process is the same as signing up for a class).  Germanna will then contact you to set a date, time, and location for your testing.  For questions about the testing or process for registering, you can contact Judith Calvert at Germanna or at (540) 937-6757.