VECAT Resource Video’s

Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky (PAIKY) Video Series

Part 1: What’s in Asphalt – This video helps to answer some of the questions that many people have had about the product for years.

Part 2: How Does the Plant Work  – This video takes a look at how asphalt plants take the different aggregates and mix them together to create a hot mix asphalt recipe.

Part 3: The Paving Train – This video takes a look at how the specialized equipment works together to lay down asphalt to create a smooth, efficient pavement surface.

Part 4: Building a Road From the Ground Up – This video takes a look at how a roadway is built. From the planning stage all the way through laying down the road surface, much goes into building a new road.

Part 5: Asphalt Quality Control – This video examines the technology and testing that lies behind the scenes of producing a quality road surface. Ensuring that the asphalt mix continually meets specifications really is an exact science!

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